Internet Access

Q: How can you be so cheap?
A: Costs for providing internet service have dropped because of competition. However, the big companies have not reflected these lower costs in their pricing schedules. In fact, some companies have the audacity to raise their prices. Since we are able to provide our service at a low cost, we charge you less. It's quite that simple. We have no desire to gouge you.

Q: Since it is so inexpensive, you have to make ends meet somewhere. What do you do, put in pop-up ads?
A: Our pricing schedule is set up so that we make a fair profit by selling you our services. We do not make you put up with any advertising. We do not make money by selling our account list. We are not a big conglomerate that needs to satisfy any stockholders. All this company has to do is provide a decent living for the family that owns it. We can accomplish that goal by charging the rates you see listed.

Q: But my internet service provider is really big, and can offer me extras, like spam filters, virus protection and spyware protection!
A: Well, this company is small, and we offer spam filters. Every e-mail account has spamassassin capabilities. Spamassassin analyzes each e-mail you receive according to several criteria. If it looks like spam, it is put into a "junk mail" folder. We also provide excellent anti-virus and anti-spyware programs for your compuer - where they belong. By the way, the largest Internet Service Provider actively participates in spyware. They keep track of every site you visit so they can put in advertising based on the sites you visit. KBAnet will never participate in underhanded activities like that.

Q: If I have problems, will I be able to get some answers?
A: Of course. We would never think of leaving you high and dry. If you have questions about our office or billing operations, feel free to e-mail us. If you have techincal questions, feel free to call our 24/7 support number. Both numbers will be provided you with your welcoming package. By the way, our support number rings into a location within the United States. We would not send your call overseas where you cannot understand the person at the other end.

Q: I have heard of Internet companies leaking their account lists to spammers. What chance is there of that happening with your company?
A: We are a family-owned and operated company, so we don't have boatloads of employees who don't care about the future of the company, but yet have access to your information. Account lists are kept on our main computer and not shared with anyone. Period.

Q: If I change my internet service provider, will I have to change my e-mail address?
A: If you use your internet service provider's e-mail account, yes you will have to change the part after the "@" symbol. Should you choose KBAnet as your ISP, your e-mail address would end with It only takes a few minutes to notify everyone in your address book of your new address. If you have an AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo or G-mail e-mail address, you will be able to keep it.

Q: How many e-mail addresses am I allowed to have?
A: Our dial-up and accelerated dial-up service comes with one e-mail address. Extra e-mail addresses are 50¢ per month extra. You do not have a limit on the number of e-mail addresses you can purchase.

Web Hosting

Q. What kind of sites can I host with KBAnet?
A: You can host most any site, with the obvious exception of porn, scams and other unseemly content.

Q. I didn't see a hosting plan that suited my needs. Can you still help me?
A: Of course. Just let us know how much space and bandwidth you need, and we will get you a quote.

Q. What kind of servers do you have?
A: Really, really good ones. We only offer Linux servers with Apache and MySQL. Our control panels are C-panel and our stats are Awstats. We support Front Page, PHP, CGI & FTP and you can run cron jobs and create custom error pages. And our uptime is averaging virtually 100%. According to independent monitors, our average connect time is .11 seconds. We do not offer Fantastico because their programs are usually outdated. If there is a program you want installed, like phpBB or a mailing list or Joomla/Mambo or OSCommerce, we have the most recent versions available and can install them for you. There is no charge for installation of these programs with annual payment. If you want us to make changes to templates to these programs, our usual web design fees would apply.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No. If we cannot earn your business by providing you good service, you should be able to shop elsewhere. However, in our two-year history, we have not lost a customer due to poor service.